The Science of Meditation

Relaxation of the Mind

  1. Live from instant to instant, from moment to moment, without the painful weight of the past, without worrying about the future.
  2. Relax the mind; empty it of all kinds of thoughts, desires, passions, etc.
  3. Do not accept any thought inside of your mind.
  4. “Before the gold flame can burn with steady light, the lamp must stand well guarded in a spot free from all wind.
  5. Earthly thoughts must fall dead before the doors of the temple.”
  6. The mind must be quiet within, without, and in the center.
  7. Thus, in deep meditation, and with the mind relaxed, you will experience reality.
  8. Devote yourself to your profound inner God, forget worldliness completely.
  9. The eyelids are to be kept closed during meditation.
  10. Let your physical vehicle be delightfully lulled to sleep.
  11. Meditation without sleepiness destroys the brain and damages the mind.
  12. Profound meditation properly combined with sleepiness leads to ecstasy, to “Samadhi.”
  13. Combine sleepiness with meditation in harmonious proportions.
  14. Never forget the Law of Equilibrium.
  15. You truly need 50% sleepiness and 50% meditation. Practice meditation when you feel predisposed to normal sleep.
  16. The baker who wants to prepare bread will have to know how to combine the different quantities of water and flour.
  17. If he uses more water than flour, the bread will not turn out well for the baker.
  18. If he uses a lot of flour and not much water, in this case also the bread will not come out well for the baker.
  19. In a similar way, the science of meditation is like this.
  20. If we have more sleepiness than meditation, we will fall into unconsciousness.
  21. If we have more meditation than sleepiness we will ruin the mind and the brain.
  22. However, if we know how to harmoniously combine sleepiness and meditation, we will achieve that which is called “Samadhi,” “ecstasy.”
  23. He who tries to meditate while radically eliminating sleepiness resembles one who tries to drive an automobile while stepping on the brakes.
  24. Another example will clarify all this better.
  25. Imagine for a moment a horseman on his horse.
  26. If the horseman wants to make his horse gallop off, he will have to slacken the reins. But if instead of doing that he pulls on the reins and hurts the animal with his spurs, he will have done something absurd since the poor animal will become restless. The horse will stand up on his hind-legs, neigh, and even violently throw the horseman to the ground.
  27. Something precisely analogous to this will happen to the devotee who tries to meditate while eliminating sleepiness…
  28. Mental relaxation must be perfect.
  29. Any idea, desire, thought, etc., that crosses the mind at a given moment produces tension, and this is not relaxation.
  30. Perfect relaxation of the mind excludes desires, ideas, thoughts, memories, passions, etc.
  31. To empty the mind, to turn it into a deep, bottomless well, is to truly relax it.
  32. The superficial mind is like a puddle on the road; when the water of the puddle evaporates beneath the rays of the sun, only mud and putrescence remains.
  33. The profound mind, marvelously relaxed, is like an unfathomable lake where innumerable fish live and where there is life in abundance.
  34. When someone throws a stone in a calm and serene lake, shining waves are produced that travel from the centre towards the periphery. That is the reaction of the water in the face of the impacts coming from the outside world.
  35. In like manner we will say that the relaxed mind is like a calm and serene lake, wherein the panorama of the universe is reflected.
  36. Impacts coming from the outside world fall into the lake of the mind and give rise to waves that travel from the center to the periphery.
  37. Those waves disturb the mind of anchorites and lead them to failure. The mind must be controlled from the centre so that one never reacts when facing the impacts that come from the external world.

Profound meditation properly combined with sleepiness leads to ecstacy, to Samadhi. – Samael Aun Weor

Samael Aun Weor – The Science of Meditation