What is An Esoteric School?

An esoteric school is one that through its teachings introduces its students into the knowledge of and experiences of that which is often hidden from the senses and the common knowledge of society.

By the definition of esoteric we find “that which is understood by only a small number of people with a specialised knowledge or interest”. Such a school would then take the yearnings – the sincere interest of its students, and initiate them into the practical realisation of its specialised knowledge – which happens to be the mysteries, which are available to all to unveil for themselves, but only those of sincere interest seek to unveil them.

An esoteric school inculcates the necessary qualities in its students to gradually arrive at profound spiritual realisations, which as every true esoteric schools teaches, is the same as journeying deeper into oneself to encounter as revelation, the interior Divinity.

This school is one that teaches the tradition – which is the lineage of teachings passed down unadulterated by previous spiritual masters, and provides the practical methods for realisation and revelation.

By means of a deep understanding of the inherited knowledge an esoteric school maintains itself and by the dedicated application of this knowledge an esoteric school renews itself and adapts itself to better help humanity in the state in which it finds itself.

The heart of an esoteric school is the love for the light and the love humanity. Because through the light we better serve and help our fellow man.

The end goals of true esoteric schools is to clearly lay down the way back to the Divine origin of man.